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Winners Post!

First of all, I want to say 'thank you muchly!' to everyone who contributed art and fiction to this challenge. I heard from a lot of you directly after everything was posted, mostly saying, "It's so hard to choose!"

I have updated all contributions with the artist's/author's names, so you can check out who actually did what at the Handy Dandy List o' Submissions. I have also opened commenting at each of the posts if you want to leave praise, constructive criticism and the like. Feel free to post your own submission on your LJ or deviantart page or wherever at this point! I'd love it if you linked back here but that's not a requirement.

I also made a few icons for everyone to use - if you decide to take them, please follow the polite rule of No Hotlinking. If you want to credit, feel free; I appreciate credit. *grins*

Finally, the winners! I am delighted that so many of you took the time to vote and a couple of pieces of both fic and art were running neck and neck while I was tallying, however, there were no tie breaking deals to be done. So, congratulations go out to:

Fiction Runner Up: Weight of the World, by Leni

Art Runner Up: Picnic under Sakura, by Qianying


Fiction First Place: Sinking In by artemisrae

Art First Place: Mittens and Jackets by ceruleansan

Congratulations and thank you so much, everyone, for participating!

Note: All brushes used in the banners and icons are from Stephanie Shimerdla, and credit is given where credit is due.
FMA Ed-Win I think of you

...let the voting begin!

I'm sure at least some of you have been wondering why the voting hasn't started. Well, Hurricane Ike did a number on various fans and I wanted to be sure that (a) power was restored, (b) internet connections were restored and (c) everyone had a chance to read the stories/look at the art prior to my setting up the voting process.

So here goes:

Voting should be based on the following qualifications:


1. Portrayal of Ed/Winry
2. Composition (i.e., do you think the artist did a good job portraying the subject matter?)
3. Use of prompt
4. Content of illustration (i.e., is it pleasing? Balanced? The colors convey what you think the artist is wanting you to see?)


1. Portrayal of Ed/Winry
2. Composition (i.e., use of English language, sentence structure, etc.)
3. Use of prompt
4. Content of story (i.e., are the characters "in-character"? Does the storyline make sense?)

Please vote for only two in each category (art/fic). All comments are screened, which means this post is where you vote. Anonymous comments are allowed, however, I do have an ISPN tracker. Please to not be stuffing ballots, kthx.

You have until Friday, October 3rd, 2008, 11:59 EST, to complete the voting process (again, to allow for those who've been without power/internets to catch up to the rest of us).

What are you waiting for? Go vote!

eta: Two separate fic entries posted previously were rough drafts sent by mistake of the authors. Please be sure to check the entries carefully, as two entries were reposted to reflect the completed versions of the stories. Thank you!
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FMA Ed-Win I think of you

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